Information Security Policy

As Gordion Technology, in order to keep Information Security at the highest level in all of our activities;

a) Confidentiality: The information is accessible only by authorized persons,

b) Integrity: Protection of information from unauthorized changes and being aware of when it is changed,

c) Accessibility: The information is available to authorized users whenever needed,

We aim.

Acting with the awareness that the information produced should be protected at the highest level with the understanding of security, Gordion Teknoloji aims to manage the printed and electronic information that forms the basis of the Information Security concept, and the business requirements in the software development process in accordance with the principles of "confidentiality, integrity and accessibility" in the light of legal regulations and using risk methods. ;

· Fulfilling the requirements of Information Security standards,

· To comply with all legal regulations regarding Information Security,

Identifying risks to information assets and systematically managing risks,

· To constantly review and improve the Information Security Management System,

To provide trainings to develop technical and behavioral competencies, to develop main policies in order to increase the awareness of Information Security,

· In order to create a successful and effective information security awareness process, it is necessary to clearly define the duties and responsibilities in this field.

In conclusion;

Purpose of the Information Security Policy

· Protecting information assets,

To ensure the confidentiality of information and data,

· Protect against access by unauthorized persons who may attempt to compromise its integrity

and thus to eliminate the situations that will damage the trust and reputation of Gordion Teknoloji.

We are committed.

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